Muskogee, OK

Yep I'm An Okie From Muskogee!

My Okie Story
In the beginning, most of my travel experiences were job related, which is how I ended up in New York City... I had a day of free time from my conference which was in White Plains,NY. So... I took this time to visit some friends in the city. Once there, just to kill some time while they were working/in school, my friends showed me how to hale a cab. They proceeded to tell the driver where to take me, in great detail and even got his cab number (this was in the olden days before cell phones and Find My Phone apps)... My cab driver found this to be pretty funny so he asked me where I was from... When I told him Oklahoma... he grinned and sang the whole Rodgers and Hammerstein song... I was a little embarrassed but pretty impressed... then he asked the BIG QUESTION! What city? When I said Muskogee... let me tell you this man was so excited... he sang Okie from Muskogee like he had been waiting all of his life for this opportunity. After that he turned off the meter and took me on a FREE tour of NYC/Brooklyn tourist attractions...

40 years later this is still one of my best travel experiences.