15 Jan

Double dates get a bad rap. It’s totally possible (and fun) for two couples to hang out on a double date without it being awkward.

  1. Sing karaoke. Oh boy, talk about a date that takes you out of your comfort zone! Try singing a duet for a super fun (or at least super entertaining) date-night experience.
  2. Play miniature golf. Look for deals on coupon apps, like Groupon and LivingSocial, to save some money.
  3. Do a taste test. Pick up the same kind of food from three places to compare them. Think of small, inexpensive things, like cookies, cakes or brownies. Or do a blind taste test with flavored jellybeans.
  4. Go bowling. Try to find “beat the clock” nights. The earlier you bowl, the less you’ll pay.
  5. Rent canoes. It’s a great way to spend time in nature, squeeze in a little exercise, and get lost in a good conversation.
  6. Dress up and go out to eat on a value menu. Put on your best duds and get ready to dine like a (Burger) King and (Dairy) Queen.
  7. Go to a drive-in movie theater. Drive-ins are usually more affordable than a regular movie theater—plus, they sometimes have double features. You might even be able to pay one price for the whole carload!
  8. Eat ice cream in the park. Pick up a tub of ice cream, bowls and plastic spoons at the grocery store, then head to the park.
  9. Borrow or rent bikes to do some sight-seeing. The best way to see a city? Take a bike ride! You’ll get some exercise and fresh air, and you’ll cover more ground than you would if you were walking.
  10. Turn your double date into a challenge! The producers of The Rachel Cruze Show challenged each other (and their spouses) to see if they could enjoy a date for less than $50—including childcare! Try this out with your friends.
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