19 Feb

Hot or Cold. You can always find some cheap date ideas in the great outdoors! It’s healthy, refreshing and cheap.

  1. Enjoy a hike. Hiking in the fresh air under a sunny sky? You just can’t beat it. Whether you take a quick stroll through a nature preserve or a more athletic trek through the mountains, you’ll enjoy beautiful views and special time together. 
  2. Go for a run together. This may not a great first date idea (you know, the sweat and all), but if you’re both looking to get fit or already runners, this can be a great way to connect.
  3. Camp at a state park. Need a little getaway from the kids? Take advantage of camping out for a night or two.
  4. Drive to see the autumn leaves. There’s not much out there that compares to trees changing color in the fall. But some parts of the country just show off more than others do at that time of year. Find out where the leaves are changing color and take a scenic drive.
  5. Go berry or apple picking. Berry picking in the summer or apple picking in the fall is a blast. You can enjoy some quality time with each other and time away from electronic devices—and you’ll leave with some delicious fresh fruit. It’s a win-win!
  6. Visit a public garden. Go on a date to a pretty garden and take some pictures together for some sweet memories.
  7. Grab a cup of coffee and stroll around a town square or downtown area. Nothing beats coffee and conversation! Throw in a stroll around some nice scenery and you’ve got a match made in heaven.
  8. Concert in the park. Sometimes they’re free, and sometimes you have to pay a small ticket price. Either way, it’s worth it to hear some great music under the stars.
  9. Walk a nature trail (or just around the neighborhood). Soak in the company of your significant other while soaking in the beauty of nature. It’s a fun date night idea that you can do anywhere.
  10. Feed ducks at a pond. It's the little things in life, isn't it? Skip the bread (it's not super great for the ducks) and treat them to some leftover corn, lettuce or oats.
  11. Visit a garden center. Just being around greenery and flowers can lift anyone’s mood. And coming home with a new planter to take care of together? Even better.
  12. Hang with farm animals. Do you love baby chicks? Maybe fainting goats are your favorite. Either way, you can probably pet and feed them during a visit to a local farm.
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